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TOKYO PACK Global Seminar

TOKYO PACK Global Seminar

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Global Seminar provides the latest information on the industry focusing on the future of sustainable packaging.

TOKYO PACK グローバルセミナー
  • Venue

    Conference Tower 606

  • Date

    October 13(Tue)~ October 14 (Fri)

  • How to register

    Priority for online pre-registration

  • Capacity

    100 seats

Program list

October 13(Thu)

  • 【10:40~】
    Transforming our food system for a sustainable future【Video】

    Tetra Pak

October 14(Fri)

  • 【14:30~】
    Packaging In A New Context:
    Creating Solutions; Driving Environmental Responsibility; Challenging Conventional Thinking

    Mintel Group Ltd.