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Reusable/Recyclable/Biodegradable/Carbon-neutral container, Carbon footprint container, Energy-saving package, Microwaveable container, Heat-resistant container for sterilization, Container for electromagnetic heating, Retort pouch, Pouch, Stand-up pouch, Pouch with spout, Bag with zipper, Glass bottle, Steel can, Aluminum can, PET bottle, Plastic bottle, Tube, Paper Container for liquid, Paper box, Paper tray, Plastic tray, Paper cup, Plastic cup, PTP/Blister pack, ampoule, Container (other), Paper, Carton, Corrugated Cardboard, Plastic, Biopolymer, Metal, Glass, Binding/Sealing material, Cushioning material, Non-woven material, Deoxygenating agent, Functional film/sheet, Label, Shrink Label, Cap, Spout, Seal, Offset printing ink, Flexographic printing ink, Gravure printing ink, Laminating adhesive, Other types of adhesive, Heat seal, Wooden material, and other Packaging materials
Weighing machine, Counting machine, Wrapping machine, Filler, Bottler, Bag Form-Fill-Seal machine, Filling machine (other), Gas flush packaging machine, Vacuum packaging machine, Pillow packaging machine, Sealer, Shrink packaging machine, Container Form-Fill-Seal machine, Blister packaging machine, PTP forming machine, Labeler, Caser, Printing machine, Banding machine, Sealing & Closing machine,Binding Machine,Packaging machine (other)
Digital printing machine, Ink-jet printing machine, Flexographic printing machine, Gravure printing machine, Printing machine (other), Plate making machine, Paper converting machine, Plastic converting machine, Extruder, Bag making machine, Die cutter, Making/Forming (other), Thermoforming, Laminator, Slitter, Cutter, Cushioning making machine, Printing/Converting machine (other)
Food preparing machine, Bread && Confectionary making machine, Meat processing machine, Dairy processing machine, Pharmaceutical processing machine, Sanitary products, HACCP/ GMP engineering, Aseptic filling packaging system, Retort sterilizing system, Sterilizing equipment, Food/Pharmaceutical processing machine (other)
Testing machine, Measuring machine, Metal detector, Inspector, Analyzer, X-ray foreign matter detector, Sorter, Various indicator, Packaging waste collector/conveyor, Recycling equipment/system, Environmental consulting, Inspection/Measurement/Additional operation (other)
Product planning, Graphic design for packages, Packaging design, Contract packaging (OEM/ODM), Plant engineering, Testing/Inspection services, Standards related service, Packaging related system/software (CAD/CAM), Packaging consultant, R&D, POP/Marketing, Sales promotional support, Gift package, wrapping material, Packaging design/Communication/Service (other)
Storage equipment, Conveyance equipment, Sorting/picking systems, Transport vehicles, Pallets/containers, Logistics materials, Transportation/logistics outsourcing services, Automatic packaging machines (other)
AI/IoT solutions, robotics, Big data, Control equipment/systems, Remote operation, Cloud services, Traceability systems, 2D codes, RFID, DX/GX solutions, Autonomous vehicles, Wearable systems (other)
Newspapers/magazines, Books, Audiovisual/survey, Educational/research institutions, Consulates/embassies,Organizations, Government/administrative bodies, Startup companies, Nationwide chambers of commerce (other)