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TOKYO PACK Privacy Policy Statement

TOKYO PACK is taking the following steps in accordance with its view that appropriate usage, and protection of users' personal information is the social responsibility of TOKYO PACK organizer (hereafter called TOKYO PACK). Please read the following important terms and conditions before registration.

What is Personal Information

Personal information comprises all information that can be used to identify individuals (users) gained through visits to TOKYO PACK and usage of the TOKYO PACK website on the World Wide Web. Specifically, this information includes name, gender, age, address, e-mail address, service access and other data records, and identification numbers and/or symbols issued by TOKYO PACK to individuals. Also included is information that, through comparisons with other data, can be used to identify individuals.

Purpose of Collecting and Usage of Information

TOKYO PACK gathers personal information from users with the purpose of enhancing and improving TOKYO PACK web site services, registering visitors prior to and during the staging of the exhibition, and accepting reservations to attend the TOKYO PACK Conference and other special programs.TOKYO PACK also collects personal information for use in user surveys and requests for the sending of reference materials. Visitors to TOKYO PACK are issued passes with personalized barcodes. These barcodes are scanned on entering the exhibition and Conference programs, and at the booths of exhibiting companies and organizations (exhibitors). From this point, information that might be considered personal in nature is shared between TOKYO PACK and exhibitors. Visitors are requested to understand that information from exhibitors might be sent directly to them via e-mail or post after TOKYO PACK concludes. Information-gathering activities are also used to provide registered visitors to TOKYO PACK with information on promotions, and the products and services of companies related to TOKYO PACK. TOKYO PACK uses personal information only for the above purposes.

Providing Information to Third Parties

No personal information collected through the TOKYO PACK web site will be provided to unrelated third parties. However, this information may be provided to partner organizations that have established their own information protection systems and signed a contract of confidentiality with the Organizing Committee of TOKYO PACK. Such parties may use this information in the pursuit of the aforementioned activities on a proxy basis. In addition, user data from this web site and the TOKYO PACK exhibition site is sometimes provided to third parties in a format that prevents individual identification. Such information is not considered personal in nature.

Managing Personal Information

TOKYO PACK will protect the security of Personal Information provided by users by strictly managing Personal Information by taking extensive measures to protect Personal Information from inappropriate access, loss, destruction, tampering and disclosure.

Disclosure, Modification, and Ceasing Use of Personal Information

A user can request disclosure, modification, or cessation of use of their Personal Information managed by the Association The Association will take appropriate action immediately based on the situation.

Cookies and IP addresses

On exhibition websites operated by the Association, cookies are used to provide services customized to individual users and to count the total number of accesses by all users to the site. Individual IP addresses are also collected to collate data on usage of the website and monitor trends in site usage, but these addresses are not used in any way that might lead to the identification of individual users. However, the Association shall be exempt from this stipulation if its legal rights are infringed upon or interfered with by a user(s), or the potential of such infringement or interference is suspected.

Sites Linked with the TOKYO PACK web site

The Association assumes no responsibility for the protection of personal information of users of commercial and private web sites linked to TOKYO PACK web site pages.

Modification of Regulation

TOKYO PACK reserves the right to modify the exhibition rules at any time in whole in part to reflect changes in social conditions, legislation covering the protection of personal information, government guidelines, and other similar factors, and to do so without the prior approval of members. In the event of any such modification, TOKYO PACK will inform members of the content thereof via appropriate notification, reporting, or publication means. If any member does not agree with said modification, he or she may contact TOKYO PACK and complete the required procedures in order to cancel his or her registration as a TOKYO PACK Official Member. It should be noted, however, that any member availing of member services following the above-mentioned notification, reporting, or publication, or any member who does not complete the procedures for canceling his or her registration within one week thereof will be deemed to have accepted the modification.

Further Information

Questions related to this Privacy Policy should be directed to:
TOKYO PACK Secretariat Office
Togeki Bldg. 10F, 4-1-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
Tel: +81-3-3543-1189 FAX:+81-3-3543-8970
Office hours: 10:00-17:00