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Can Division
  • 最新包装技術セミナー
  • 医薬品包装コミュニティゾーン
  • 通販・ギフトパッケージゾーン
Make the world eco-friendly with tin can cases


Introducing a wide variety of shapes and uses for can cases.
In addition, can materials are called "closed loop recycling" and are eco-friendly and have excellent sustainability because they can be recycled without impairing the properties of the materials.

Product Information


We have a wide variety of shapes and shapes such as tin can cases and pail cans.
Original printing is also available from small lots.

Target Industries

  • Canned Food
  • Candy
  • Chocolate
  • Cookie
  • Rice Confectionery
  • Fresh Sweets (Wagashi)
  • Sami-Baked Sweets
  • Coffee
  • Japanese Tea / Black Tea
  • Fruit Beverage
  • Skin Care
  • Makeup
  • Cosmetic Articles
  • Sports Goods
  • Pet Goods

Exhibit Categories

  • Food Packaging: Heat Resistant / Sterilization
  • Metal Cans / Metal Products
  • Secondary Packaging Materials
  • Can / Bottle / Book Making Machines
  • Product Planning / Marketing