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CREA Co., Ltd.

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electronic paper signage
  • 最新包装技術セミナー
  • 医薬品包装コミュニティゾーン
  • 通販・ギフトパッケージゾーン
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  • Chinese
both monochrome and color!
super energy saving!
electronic paper signage!


next-generation information bulletin board / large screen electronic paper signage "EPS" 42 inches, 32 inches, 25.3 inches!

high-visibility, high-definition, low power consumption display

Product Information

C06-42inch e-paper signage3

  • NEW
  • DEMO

main features of eps

Electronic paper world's largest size
Keeps the screen even without power
Clear display even in sunlight
High visibility high definition
Ultra low power
Create a calm atmosphere
Can be installed vertically or horizontally
Equipped with HDMI
Easily update display

C07-32inch-e-paper signage3

  • NEW
  • DEMO

The electronic paper signage "EPS" is equipped with high-definition electronic paper, is easy to see even in sunlight, has a wide viewing angle, and has ultra-low power consumption. It is a display device that can continue to transmit information even in the event of a power outage or disaster, and has a value different from liquid crystals and LEDs.

Main introduction examples
Bus terminal timetable
Art Museum/Music Hall
Parking lot
office building
Construction/Civil Engineering Sites

E5-25.3inch-e-paper signage

  • NEW
  • DEMO

Using four-color electronic paper
(black white red yellow)
First landing in Japan!
Used as a substitute for paper posters

Acep-25.3inch-e-paper signage

  • NEW
  • DEMO

Advanced Color ePaper, ACeP

32,000 color electronic paper is used
Used as a substitute for paper posters
Unprecedented new colors and methods of expression are possible

Target Industries

  • Logistics / Land, Sea & Air
  • Warehouse
  • Supermarket
  • Restaurant Service
  • Electronic Goods & Parts
  • Information Equipment

Exhibit Categories

  • IT Systems / IT Equipment