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SGS Japan Inc.

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Sustainability Packaging Solutions


Packaging Solutions for Circular Economy

Product Information

Sustainability Packaging Solutions

When labeling a product as bioplastic, biodegradable plastic, or recycled plastic, you need to have a data. As a global third-party organization, SGS supports sustainability performance with a variety of testing, verification, and certification services.

Safety evaluation of recycled plastics using surrogate contaminants (surrogate testing)

Safety evaluation guidance for food packaging materials has been established in overseas.
These guidance uses surrogate contaminants, measures residual concentrations along the recycling process, and finally evaluates them in an extractable test on the molded product.

Packaging: Regulatory testing, verification and advisory services (food contact material services)

Since both the European and U.S. markets have different regulatory systems from Japan, it is necessary to confirm conformity with each regulation. SGS offers a comprehensive solution that includes material registration, positive list compliance, certificate of conformity, GMP audits and verification, in addition to testing.

With regard to the Food Sanitation Law (Japanese market), a positive list for synthetic resins, GMP, and the obligation to communicate information in the supply chain are also required, and new initiatives and responses are needed.

For non-food containers and packaging, we also offer heavy metal testing and chemical analysis services such as REACH and Prop 65.

Target Industries

  • Chemicals
  • Fiber Product
  • Natural Fiber Clothes
  • Synthetic Fiber Clothes
  • Dustproof Clothes
  • General Household Article
  • Toy
  • DIY Product
  • Stationary
  • Sports Goods

Exhibit Categories

  • Plastic Films / Containers
  • Molded Plastic Products
  • Glass Containers
  • Environment-friendly Packaging
  • Waste Management / Recycling