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Videojet X-Rite K.K.

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Next Generation Color Management, with new eXact2


We will introduce our new model of eXact- widely used spectrophotometer/densitometer in print and packaging industry. (launch date Sept 1st)

Product Information

[NEW] Next generation portable color measurement, eXact2

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Visit us at our booth for newly launched spectrophotometer, eXact2 demonstration.

Redesigned to meet the needs of print, ink, and packaging professionals, the eXact 2 will bring you to the next generation in color measurement. Smart and sophisticated in its design, the eXact 2 is unrivaled with first-to-market intuitive video tarketing technology, MantisTM, delivering added precision and speed - reducing time and waste.

The eXact2 is at the center of the solution you need for 100% confidence in color quality and ability to support continuously evolving customer requirements.

New Features
1. Video Targeting MantisTM to help measure right spot, at right time.
2. Digital Loupe to provide dynamic zoom capabilities to capture and inspect the right spot without measuring print defects and saves an image of the measurement.
3. Adjustable tilt screen display, and intuitive "two-taps or less" menu to get up the work quickly with fewer errors.
4. Non-contact measurement area for minimizing wet ink contamination
5. Seamless workflow integration with X-Rite ecosystem of softwares & digital tools like InkFormulation Software, ColorCert Suite, NetProfile, PantoneLIVE, X-Rite Link... for meeting quality standards- 17% faster.
6. On-board Wifi, docking station for battery charge, switchable polarization filter etc.



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