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  • 最新包装技術セミナー
  • 医薬品包装コミュニティゾーン
  • 通販・ギフトパッケージゾーン
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Aptar has been in business for more than 80 years and is a global leader in consumer product and food & beverage dispensing systems, drug delivery and material science solutions.


- Aptar's high-performance pumps, used by the world's leading manufacturers, are finally available in a Japanese bottle neck finish version.
- A 100% PE mono-material lotion pump has been realized. Experience it for yourself at the exhibition.
- One-piece construction, mono-material, lightweight spout for flexible pouches.
- Active vial solutions, unparalleled protection to adsorb moisture and extend shelf life.
- Material science solutions for premier film protection to extend shelf life and enhance stability.
- Active food packaging for moisture control, improve quality and extend shelf-life in fresh foods and seafood.

Product Information

Lotion spray pumps for Japanese standard bottles

[ J-neck Evo 0.2cc pump ] Low profile, low weight 0.2cc lotion pump with high performance Evo engine (Left image)
- Massive global Evo engine success, launched by most major global brands worldwide.
- Able to handle a wide range of difficult formulas, including oil-based, liquid foundation, serum, sunscreen, etc. Max viscosity: 30,000 cps
- Lower pump weight
- Low profile/size vs competition --- In line with small pump size global trend/Less waste perception
- Semi-hidden pump engine --- Appealing to designers/clean pump perception
- Two actuator designs available: 438 and 815 actuators

[ J-neck Euromist Heaven 190 24/410J ] High performance long-spray pump by Aptar (Right image)
- Massive global Euromist/PZ1 engine success, launched by most major global brands.
- Designed for water and alcohol-based formulations.
- Up to 3 times longer spray (potential replacement of aerosol).
- Non-wet feeling
- Dosages: 190 mcl.
- Fits on Japanese neck-finish bottles (24/410 Japanese neck finish)
- Other specific Euromist/PZ1 pump engine types available that able to handle a wide range of difficult formulas, including oil-based, sunscreen, gels, etc.

Monomaterial / All-plastic Lotion Pump

[ FUTURE ] Sustainable and recyclable showerproof all-plastic monomaterial lotion pump (Left image)
- Monomaterial / Sustainable pump (100% PE material/no metal).
- Hidden pump engine --- Appealing to designers/clean pump perception
- E-commerce capable
- Dosage: 1.4cc or 2cc
- Innovative locking system
- Neck finish: 28/410 and 24/410

[ SIMPLY ] Sustainable and recyclable all-plastic airless pump (Right image)
- Sustainable and recyclable airless pump (90% PP, 10% PE / no metal).
- Eco design with minimum number of components (pump part with only 3 components)
- Smooth actuation.
- Dosage: 0.3cc
- Bottle sizes: 30ml, 50ml
- High filling efficiency (snap-on pump)
Launch: Q4 2022

Sustainable 1-piece flip top spout for flexible pouches

[ Quickflip ]
- Convenient flip lid (easier to open for aging consumers vs screw-on caps).
- Enhanced safety: Flip top lip prevents accidental ingestion of the screw-on cap by children.
- Sustainable: Lightweight vs comparable 2-piece spouts.
- Sustainable: New monomaterial version under development
- Tamper-evident
- Available with/without SimplySqueeze valve


Activ-Vial technology ensures greater product stability and potency over traditional packaging using a desiccant canister or sachet. With standard bottles, moisture continuously passes by the product en route to the scavenging canister or sachet. However, with Activ-Vial technology, the contents see virtually no moisture because it is trapped by the 3-Phase Activ-Polymer sleeve before entering the headspace.


SeaWell active packaging systems are a premium line of seafood packaging designed to enhance food safety, improve food quality, decrease seafood waste, and extend freshness. This system offers an improved seafood value chain to better control pre-packaged inventory and improve customer experience.

Target Industries

  • Dried Food
  • Dairy Product
  • Health Food
  • Perishables: Marine
  • Perishables: Agricultural
  • Subdividing Sliced Food
  • Seasonings / Liquid & Viscous
  • Infant Food
  • Chocolate
  • Cookie
  • Rice Confectionery
  • Sami-Baked Sweets
  • Coffee
  • Japanese Tea / Black Tea
  • Fruit Beverage
  • Health Beverage
  • Refreshing Beverage
  • Milk Beverage
  • Jelly Beverage
  • Nonprescription / Powder & Granule
  • Nonprescription / Tablet
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Medical Implement
  • Skin Care
  • Makeup
  • Liquid Cosmetics
  • Cosmetic Articles
  • Hair Care
  • Hair Color
  • Face Care
  • Soap
  • Liquid Soap
  • Shaving
  • Mouth Hygiene
  • General Household Article
  • Detergent for Clothes
  • Detergent for Kitchen
  • Detergent for House
  • Aromatic Substance & Deodorant
  • Insect Repellent & Insecticide
  • Dehumidifying & Drying Agent
  • Pet Goods

Exhibit Categories

  • Plastic Films / Containers
  • Molded Plastic Products
  • Food Packaging: Heat Resistant / Sterilization
  • Functional Materials
  • Environment-friendly Packaging