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  • 最新包装技術セミナー
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Product Information

Dual Energy HR Type X-ray Inspection System KXH7534ASGCD

  • NEW
  • DEMO

The standard dual energy model could not fully utilize its superiority of the dual energy inspection when it comes to thicker products or products with highly uneven surfaces. By introducing a new dual energy sensor, we have succeeded in making X-ray transmission images significantly sharper. It is now possible to clearly display the shadows of contaminants on these targets. In addition, the dedicated detection algorithms have improved the sensitivity to detect fine metals and small bones, which had been hard to detect.

X-ray Inspection System for Package Check KXE7530DGEKE

  • NEW
  • DEMO

Anritsu X-ray Inspection Systems provide not only contaminant detection but also product verification simultaneously. Products can be inspected for missing or broken product, virtual weight, count, void check, etc. X-ray inspection systems are now becoming an essential tool on production lines for ensuring the safety and quality of products.
The XR75 Packing Check is specially designed for detecting seal defects in food packages.
X-ray absorption rate can vary depending on the thickness of the seal area on the package. The Packing Check generates the alarm when detecting defects in the seal area by measuring the difference in x-ray absorption between the normal and the defective seal areas. Wrinkles on the seal area can be identified on the same principle.

Free Fall Metal Detector KDS0015VFW

  • NEW
  • DEMO

Due to the soaring prices of raw materials in recent years, the sources of procurement are forced to be diversified, which makes it more difficult to manage foreign body control for them. Introducing metal detection not only after product packaging but also in the raw material process has the following advantages.

Avoid risk of foreign body spreading and outflowing
Reduction of product waste loss
Achieve high detection performance without effect from the packaging material
Protection of downstream production equipment

Automatic Combination Weighers Clean Cup Scale KE7412EWB Automatic Feeder Option

  • DEMO

For Weighing Sticky Foods
Level off-type cups and shutters are made of special plastic. Suited to highly sticky wet products.


  • NEW
  • DEMO

Integrated factory cockpit, live camera images and Production process information in factory

From registered live videos (up to 30000ch) from cameras in factory, Through one cockpit display, managers in back office and workers in factory can watch up to 9 camera images at same time, and production process/statistics information from existing production system.
When Production system or sensors in production line detect some events, cockpit switches to the target process information and the camera image automatically.
It helps workers, who monitor cockpit screen, to reduce the workload.

Board member can effectively analyze the process flow, discover issues, and share the investment points and priorities of the factory DX with the parties concerned.


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