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sunrise Co.,Ltd.

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  • 最新包装技術セミナー
  • 医薬品包装コミュニティゾーン
  • 通販・ギフトパッケージゾーン

Product Information

Aluminum standard bag Aluminum interior standard bag

We have prepared a standard bag that can handle small lots with a bag that is laminated with aluminum foil and has excellent moisture resistance and gas barrier properties.

Aluminum bottle

We have prepared aluminum bottles made overseas.
We have a track record in fields such as fine chemicals and fragrances both in Japan and overseas.

ASP film

We developed a special engineering plastic resin with excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance through inflation film production.
It is also possible to impart a non-bleeding antistatic effect.

Various UN containers

We have prepared UN containers made of various materials such as steel drums, aluminum bottles, and cardboard.
It can be used according to the contents and usage.

Target Industries

  • Nonprescription / Powder & Granule
  • Nonprescription / Tablet
  • Nonprescription / Liquid & Viscous
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Medical Implement
  • Liquid Cosmetics
  • Cosmetic Articles
  • Soap
  • Liquid Soap
  • Logistics / Land, Sea & Air
  • Electronic Goods & Parts
  • Chemicals
  • Pesticide

Exhibit Categories

  • Plastic Films / Containers
  • Molded Plastic Products
  • Metal Cans / Metal Products
  • Functional Materials
  • Heavy Duty Package