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Tokyo Foods Machinery Co., Ltd.

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  • 最新包装技術セミナー
  • 医薬品包装コミュニティゾーン
  • 通販・ギフトパッケージゾーン

Product Information

Thermoforming machine RX4.0

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The heart of the line is a RX 4.0 thermoforming packaging machine in GMP design - a powerful model in the innovative X-line generation, with which MULTIVAC is supporting the digitalisation of packaging processes and Industry 4.0/IoT solutions. Thanks to comprehensive sensor systems, state-of-the-art machine controls and networking with the MULTIVAC Cloud, the RX 4.0 elevates the packaging process for sensitive products in the medical and pharmaceutical industries to a new level - both in terms of output, machine availability and flexibility, as well as pack quality and process reliability. The RFID-coded X-tools are an additional guarantee of maximum performance. Thanks to their highly developed actuating system, they enable the die to be changed quickly and reliably during product changes.

Traysealer TX710

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Traysealer TX 710 is both versatile and compact and is suitable for packing a wide variety of products due to its many design possibilities, including fruit and vegetables, meat, sausage, fish, poultry and dairy products and ready meals. The high output of the TX 710 is a result of the interaction between an intelligent machine control and a mechanical construction that is both robust and space-saving.

Vacuum packaging machine C200

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Simple, flexible, easy to operate, and efficient in every way - MULTIVAC chamber machines are a synonym for packing products in film pouches. A high level of pack and seal quality is not the only feature of our wide range of models - thanks to their robust construction, they are particularly durable and form a resilient link in your hectic working life.