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EDM corporation

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Product Information

Thermal printer

  • NEW
  • DEMO

LMUe6000-JM [Applying labels on the top surface]

  • NEW
  • DEMO

"LMUe6000-JM" is a general-purpose type (standard machine) top-mounted labeler for labeling on the top surface of products. Equipped with convenient functions that are easy to use at the production site, it realizes easy labeling on the top surface of the product in the post-packaging process. We also have a lineup of stand type without conveyor and type with printer, and you can choose according to your application.

THP600 series [Desktop]

  • DEMO

This printer is semi-automatic printing system for sheets in offline.

By gating mechanism at feeding, it is able to remove bags easily. Adopted transparent cover, where it can be realized the condition of printing and remaining amount of ribbon at one view. High resolution thermal print head offers high-definition printing, barcode and QR code.

iInkjet printer

  • DEMO

Laser marker

  • DEMO