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  • 最新包装技術セミナー
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Proposal for labor saving


Exhibited APS-C (automatic bag feeder) at TOKYO PACK for the first time
It realizes automation of bag supply, reduces the burden on workers and solves the problem of labor shortage.

Product Information


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Achieves a capacity of 100 bags / minute with hot fill, retort and other wet applications. The system can be used with pump only or separate liquid plus solid filling methods. Linking with the APS-C Automated Pouch Loading System, provides enhanced productivity and reduces labor requirements on the production line by eliminating the need to manually load and align packaging in the pouch infeed.


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Cart type pouch feeding unit


  • NEW
  • DEMO

spout attachment machine
A wide range of pouch hespouts can be attached from small to large bags.
Center corner and spout attachment machine that automatically supplies pouches, opens, attaches spouts, and performs all operations automatically.
Accurate spout attachment to pouch and secure sealing

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