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  • 最新包装技術セミナー
  • 医薬品包装コミュニティゾーン
  • 通販・ギフトパッケージゾーン
We manufacture a variety of high-perfomance automatic equipment such as incrusting machine, Kneader, Ultrasonic Multi-Cutter, Filling & Folding Machine for Pie, and DORAYAKI Machine. We are especially great at Incrusting Machine for confectioneries, bakeries, Chinese Buns, and daily dishes.


Super Incrusting Machine ROBO-SEVEN Series has a wide range of models from small type to large scale. With a wide variety of connecting machines and options, Robo-Seven series are capable of manufacturing attractive food products. MAGIC HAND series which can make high-grade products by incrusting fillings better than handmade, will show its performance for sweet bread, Chinese buns, etc. Ultrasonic Cutter will demonstrate its ability cutting cakes, ganache, frozen foods, and more.

Product Information

The Ultimate Incrusting Machine MAGIC HAND

  • DEMO

The Ultimate Incrusting Machine, MAGIC HAND, is capable of producing sensitive, fermented dough products like breads, doughnuts, Chinese buns and other products of quality higher than those produced by manual incrusting. The resulting products made by MAGIC HAND are excellent quality. The mechanical method is the same as manual incrusting or double folding, placing filling on the center of the round or square sheet of dough. MAGIC HAND can put plenty of filling and does not damage the dough. The resultant products are more beautiful than handmade.

Super Incrusting Machine ROBO-SEVEN Series - State-of-the-Art Incrusting Machine, ROBO-SEVEN

  • DEMO

Super Incrusting Machine, ROBO-SEVEN Series, is utilized for incrusting a wide variety of attractive foods; confectioneries, daily dishes, meat, breads, frozen foods, and even more. Select any of the KOBIRD machines to meet your specific needs and start creating the highest quality food products.

Ultrasonic Multi-Cutter - Cuts Smoothly & Finely

  • DEMO

Cuts products finely that are difficult to be done even by hand, such as roll cakes, tarts, frozen whole cakes, frozen mille-feuille, ganache, etc. Ultrasonic vibration of the cutter blades makes it possible to cut various kinds of products finely.

Target Industries

  • Bread
  • Frozen Food
  • Daily Dish / Box Lunch
  • Dairy Product
  • Health Food
  • Processed Marine Food (Fish-Paste Product)
  • Cookie
  • Rice Confectionery
  • Snack
  • Fresh Sweets (Wagashi)
  • Sami-Baked Sweets
  • Dessert
  • Ice Cream Confectionary

Exhibit Categories

  • Bread / Confectionery Making Machines
  • Meat Processing Machines
  • Dairy Processing Machines
  • Food Processing Related Equipment