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SIMCHENG Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd

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Stable quality is the soul of SIMCHENG Cast film line. In the era of product experience winning, good service is the best marketing way of SIMCHENG Brand, which is also the advantage point approved by customers. SCIMEHENG stands in the global vision, connecting the world's industries, with the tough stability as the international business card, with the high quality service for the global industrial benefit empowerment.


Soft Food Packaging, Automotive and Safety Glass for Buildings, New Energy, Hygienic Materials and Environmental Film. The main production includes: CPP and CPE, EVA solar battery encapsulation, PVB automotive glass interlayer, high-barrier multilayer co-extrusion film lines, and BOPP biaxial oriented film lines.

Product Information

Flexible packaging film line

  • NEW

Mainly used in the packaging industry of food, materials and consumer products. The film produced by casting technology method have excellent performance like small variation, high transparency, suitable for metalizing and printing.
Product width: 3200mm-6300mm
Thickness: 0.02mm-0.08mm
Running speed: 180-250m/min

Sanitary film machine

  • NEW

The sanitary film is used for baby diaper, ladies sanitary articles, incontinent articles, waterproof mat , protective clothing, etc.Product width: 1600mm-3200mm
Thickness: 14-40g/m2
Design speed: 250m/min

New energy film line

  • NEW

Mainly used for solar laminate glass, glass interlay film, packaging film,medical film, laminate film, casting film, hot melt adhensive film, etc
Product width: 2500mm-3500mm
Thickness: 0.2-0.8
Design speed: 10-20m/min

Automatic packaging equipment

  • NEW

In film industry, different kinds of film for different applications are made by different material , most manufacturers supply with slitting machine, the film rolls after slitting need to be protected by packaging during the transportation. SIMCHENG research and develop the automatic packaging machine which can pack the slitted film automatically.
Learn More:http://simcheng.co/products/show-36.html

Functional film line

  • NEW

It includes protection film line, wood grain film line, high barrier film line and pet film line .

Protection film is used on metal products surface, coated metal products surface, plastics film surface, automobile products surface, electrical products surface, brand products surface, profile products surface, etc.

For decoration purpose, PP wood grain film can be used on surface of plywood, core plate, fibreboard. With features of high simulation, environmental protection, It is widely used in furniture production and interior decoration.

High barrier film is mainly used on food and medicine packaging, electrical parts sealing, solar battery sealing and OLED sealing.

PET film, which is also called high temperature resistant polyester film, due to its excellent physical property, chemical property, size stability, transparency, recoverability, it can be widely used on magnetic recording, photosensitive material, electronics, electrical insulation, industry use film, industrial film, packaging decoration, screen protection, optical mirror surface, etc.


Target Industries

  • Small Machinery
  • Parts
  • Electronic Goods & Parts
  • Large-Sized Equipment
  • Hygiene Paper
  • Hygiene Medical Care

Exhibit Categories

  • Plastic Films / Containers
  • Plastic Film Produts
  • Shock Absorbing / Partitions
  • Functional Materials
  • Secondary Packaging Materials
  • Turn-key Packaging Systems
  • Hygienic Control Equipment
  • IT Systems / IT Equipment
  • Delivery Equipment