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One of the Largest
Exhibitions of
Packaging Technology in Asia

TOKYO PACK, held every two years since 1966, has been continuously evolving as an exhibition symbolic of the development of the packaging culture and industry of Japan.
(data based on Tokyo Pack 2018)

Registered visitors 62,488. 91.1% of the exhibitors entered into business talks

Exhibitors by Business Categories

Packaging Materials / Containers 37.6% Packaging Machines 19.9%

Our experience

54-year history

TOKYO PACK has been held every other year since 1966. TOKYO PACK is a packaging show that has a 54-year history and provides the ultimate packaging experience for both exhibitors and visitors.

Global exhibition

Total No. of exhibitors : 700companies

In Tokyo Pack 2018, 700 exhibitors participated, taking up 2,609 booths spaces in the East Hall 1~6. Among there, 153 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions occupied 231 booths, giving a truly international flavor to the event.

Press Conference & Advertisement

More than100magazines

More than 100 packaging-related indusrial publications were invited to Press Conference to appeal the show and to be published the articles on TOKYO PACK 2018. PR activities such as advertisement insertion to the industrial papers and magazines and traffic advertisement were carried out to attract exhibitors.

Solely organized by Japan Packaging Institute

1,200 companies are registered as members of Japan Packaging Institute, the sole organizer of TOKYO PACK. Promotion of TOKYO PACK 2021 will be distributed through this network.