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Asian Packaging Federation holds Golden Jubilee and AsiaStar Contest Ceremony in TOKYO PACK 2018.

The ultimate in Japanese Packaging technology & science

Tokyo Pack, Asia’s premier packaging exhibition,
showcases all related to packaging including distribution, sales,
consumption and recycling.
It is the world’s leading comprehensive packaging exhibition.

The Largest Exhibition of Packaging Technology in Asia

Organizer:Japan Packaging Institute(JPI)


With the doctrine of “Challenging the future of packaging by means of originality and ingenuity”, the juridical foundation, Japan Packaging Institute(JPI), has been promoting the rationalization of production and distribution as well as consumption through improvement and elevation of the packaging technique and thereby contributing to progress of Japan's economy.


  • Packaging Research Institute
    • ・Transport Packaging Div.
    • ・Consumer Packaging Div.
    • ・Packaging System Div.
    • ・Packaging Material Div.
    • ・International Packaging Div.
    • ・Packaging Management Div.
  • External & Internal Events
    • ・Cooperation with WPO and APF
    • ・Cooperation with overseas organizations and institutes
    • ・Sending of special observation groups on packaging to overseas
    • ・Accepting of technical trainees and observation groups on packaging from overseas
    • ・All-Japan Packaging Technique Study Convention
    • ・Japan Packaging Contest and Good Packaging Exhibition
    • ・Kinoshita Prize
  • Service Activities
    • ・Seminars and Symposiums
    • ・Study meetings (tours) on various themes
    • ・Packaging Academy
    • ・Packaging Consultant Course
    • ・Technical counselling and consulting
    • ・Publication of monthly magazine “Packaging Technology”
    • ・Various information services
  • Exhibition
    • ・Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition -TOKYO PACK- (biennially)
    • ・Exhibition “Packaging for Dairy Products”
President Mr. Sadayoshi FUJISHIGE Executive Advisor / LION CORPORATION
Vice President Mr. Kiyoshi OTSUBO Chairman, President & CEO / RENGO CO., LTD.
Mr. Susumu YAJIMA Director of the Board, President & Group CEO / Oji Holdings Corporation
Mr. Saburosuke FUJISAKI President / Fujisaki Co., Ltd.