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Global Packaging Seminar

Global Packaging Seminar

Global Packaging Seminar 【逐次通訳】

  • Date

    Thursday, Oct. 6

  • Venue

    East Hall 6 / Seminar Stage 1

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October 6(Thu) 14:30~15:30

Current Package Development and Future in P&G

Mr. Satoshi Yamane

Senior Scientist, Modeling and Simulation Group,
R&D Packaging Development,
Procter & Gamble International Operations Singapore Branch

P&G has been delivering products which delights consumers with more convenience since its foundation in 1837. In order for products to function as designed, package will need to work appropriately as an important interface between products and users. In principle, products and packages are inseparable and P&G has developed the best packages for each product by using a lot of variety and state-of-the-art techniques. This speech showcases the history of package development and will touch the future of them.

Mr. Satoshi Yamane

October 6(Thu) 15:30~16:30

Delighting Consumers Through Packaging Design & Technology

Mr. Kevin Hyde

R&D Packaging Development Director, Europe, Africa & Middle East
Coca-Cola Services

Branded packaging has multiple roles and responsibilities to play within the fast moving consumer goods sector and achieving the right balance of emotional & functional benefits is a never ending series of challenges and opportunities. This presentation will explore examples of our packaging innovations that have delighted our consumers and stakeholders around the world and will also provide some insights as to how we expect packaging to evolve in the future.

Mr. Kevin Hyde